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Michael Graziano 'Consciousness and Social Brain'

Steve Haines - jueves, octubre 15, 2015

'One of the things that makes people special is we are so social, we are hyper social……social capabilities are a key part of what we think of as our own awareness.' Graziano

Currently reading Michael Graziano's book 'Consciousness and Social Brain'. His theory presents awareness of ourselves and awareness of minds in others - social awareness - as a fundamental feature of how brains construct consciousness. He does all of that with out referencing Stephen Porges or mirror neurons. Brains rely on social awareness, its just deep in the fabric of how we function. Really interesting so far (and relatively easy to read for a book on consciousness.)   

Here is a good blog laying out some of the main theory. http://selfawarepatterns.com/2014/10/16/the-attention-schema-theory-of-consciousness-deserves-your-attention/

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